Sunday, January 18, 2015

\\ A Creature Fear: Alien: Isolation Review //

This article contains spoilers of plot points and gameplay scenarios from the game, “Alien: Isolation” by The Creative Assembly, published by Sega Corporation. Played on PlayStation 4.

The first Alien movie was the best one. It established an aesthetic, a tone. It was well-acted, well-directed. H.R. Giger’s creature designs were (are) impeccably effective. Its sequel, Aliens, is perhaps still-unmatched in terms of boldness and quality by any other film sequel since, with its heightened sense of tension followed by explosive release. Yet, Alien 3 was a complete crapshoot; it was director David Fincher’s first film, and also marred by chronicled production troubles which lead to a film that’s neither too frightening nor too exciting, simply not enough anything. At least Alien: Resurrection managed to salvage a few good laughs out of me with its complete disregard for any sort of tension and embracement of camp. Prometheus didn’t really happen, right?